Reiki at end of life

Reiki is a very gentle yet very powerful healing technique. Its effects can benefit the receiver physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. No specific spiritual belief system is necessary.  A reiki treatment benefits the whole person, in whatever ways the client needs for their healing. Receivers report feeling relaxed, a sense of calm, dissipating stress, stillness and relief from pain– during and following Reiki treatments.

Once a skeptic myself, I was awed– and still am to this day, as my practice has expanded—by the shifts Reiki can facilitate. Yet, at the same time, it is subtle, safe and accessible to everyone. This last part is what makes Reiki so beneficial at the end of life, and is why hospices all over the the U.S. are incorporating Reiki into their care. 

I am a Reiki master and have specialized training in  providing Reiki energy medicine at end of life. I completed my Master and end of life trainings at Sanctuary Healing Arts in Amherst, MA. My teacher, Haleya is amazing. Just one of the hats she has worn is that of hospice chaplain. It is so amazing to hear Haleya describe the shift in perception of energy medicine at end of life that she has witnessed in the past decade.  



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