End of Life Doula Services

I support individuals leading up to and through their life’s final transition. I provide logistical, emotional, and spiritual support. My work supports all stages of the dying process, from advanced planning and legacy work to presence at  the time of passing.

My end-of-life work is highly individualized. We work together to design a custom care plan. My role is to witness and serve, honoring your wishes.

Our work together may begin weeks or months, or even years before the active process of dying. It may always seem too early to plan for death–until  it’s too late.

Many folks wish to die at home, or remain there as long as possible. This is where an end-of-life doula can be key. Many people find that a doula complements the services of home medical and hospice organizations quite nicely.

I will hold space for you while you sort through the array of emotions and questions that accompany contemplating your mortality. Together we can craft a plan for a meaningful, deeply personalized passing.

In addition to providing companionship and a wealth of resources for options at end of life (traditional and alternative) examples of services I provide include:

-Cultivating beauty, calm, peace in the physical environment, creating sacred space, providing advanced directives; gathering and preparing documents, ensuring you have your “ducks in a row”

-Reiki (I am a Reiki Master, with specialized training in Reiki and end of life. Read more about the benefits of this gentle, hands-on energy work on my blog.)

-Writing obituaries, selecting photographs

-Planning funerals, memorial, and other celebrations of life 

-Legacy work. completing final projects, support in facilitating final wishes

-Assistance with household tasks like light housework, meal preparation/arrangements, etc. This support can lighten the load of family members and caregivers.

I completed my End-of-Life Doula training  at the University of Vermont’s Larner College of Medicine (2018). I accept clients directly and through End of Life Doulas Vermont, a doula cooperative.  My services are provided at an hourly rate, with several package options. Upon becoming established as one of my clients, you will also be connected with a back-up doula, who will be one of my colleagues at End of Life Doulas Vermont. This is for your peace of mind, to ensure that there will always be someone available to you and your loved ones.

As do all the doulas at End of Life Doulas Vermont, I offer a free 30-minute consultation, in person (within 20 miles of Monkton, VT), or by phone/video call. Family members can always be included in our conversations, if you wish.

Because I wish my services to be accessible to all, I do offer a sliding scale. Please reach out if you wish to connect.